AXA Information & Financial Services Limited Company was established by it's owners in 1989.

In the early 90s - when the independent Hungarian economy just came into existence - the activities between domestic enterprises clearly showed us that the market of acquiring reliable company- and partner informations and adequate supervision over these companies does not exist in Hungary. That is why our company chose to operate on this field with an ambition for perfection and trying to be a pioneer in a financial sector where only a lack of information was attainable. Then AXA Ltd. has started building the service base of providing quality company information and financial data and also developing it's own IT background and with the invention of the Internet this process became much faster than expected.

Thanks to the constant development of the Internet and our own vision and decisions, the first sensible steps lead to a radical transformation in our company's life in 1993, laying down the basis of Hungarian company information services. AXA was the first (in 1995) to sign a distributor contract with the Ministry of Justice's registry court database and our company is still the oldest and biggest distributor in the country. This contract has given us the ability to provide up-to-date information for our contractual users with a direct on-line access.

dataxa on-line service system was formed for an easier manageability of the above mentioned registry and database by gathering long term user, IT and Internet experiences. We are offering a very unique information channel for our partners, which provide them with a satisfactory background for client supervision, risk management and risk valuation on a daily web use.

Since its establishment, AXA Information & Financial Services Ltd. has created a serious reference background which makes us the partners to several well known multinational companies, the biggest local firms, banks, financial institutions and both international / local law firms and the most notable enterprises from all areas of our economy.

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