Our Services

The main aim of the dataxa online services are to provide our users with a real-time access to the information contained in the Hungarian register of companies (OCCR). Besides this general task dataxa online ensures several other services as well in order to amend further possibilities to the Registry Court's database. In the available services of dataxa online we carefully put forward on the one hand, the availability of communication between applications - with this we provided automatic data processing for the first time in the country; we are still the only suppliers of this service - and on the other hand, we also assure supplementary and informative informations to assist our clients in better partner evaluation.

In general, as distributors, we provide access to our contractual clients to the Ministry of Justice's company database (OCCR) through dataxa online. We transmit the information for a registry court's copy from the competent registry court of a given company at the time of request. We do so because this way our clients can be confident that the requested copies will surely contain all datas - the significant value of the registry is provided by the primary source - that are present in the competent registry court's database at the time of request. (The majority of the legal documents can be retrieved as an E-file labeled with an electronic signature.

The dataxa online system assures its clients with many self-developed innovations, supplementing the potential of the company registers with solutions that cannot be found elsewhere.

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